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Centre for Teaching, Learning and Media

The Centre for Teaching, Learning & Media (CTLM) is a unit within Higher Education Access and Development Services (HEADS) at Nelson Mandela University. HEADS aims to uphold the broader Nelson Mandela University educational purpose and philosophy: to provide transformational leadership in the service of society through teaching development and related research, and to adopt a humanising pedagogical approach that embraces diverse knowledge traditions and engages them in critical dialogue in order to contribute to a multi-cultural society. HEADS aspires to provide institution-wide and research-led services and programmes that focus on optimising human potential and play a role in higher education transformation by enhancing teaching and learning at Nelson Mandela University.


The core focus of CTLM is to provide advice, guidance and support to both staff and students in relation to the improvement and maintenance of the quality of teaching and learning at Nelson Mandela University. It does so by leading and supporting the ongoing advancement of the following:


CTLM facilitates strategic projects and provides a variety of professional learning programs and resources to support curriculum design, development, implementation, evaluation and review. We support faculties and departments in ensuring that academic staff have opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, and capabilities as teachers through the provision of a range of non-credit and credit bearing professional learning opportunities. We offer a regular schedules of events, workshops seminars and programmes in addition to individual consulting services.

For more information and contact details, visit the Curriculum & Teaching Development site.


Our vision is to support and challenge students to develop academic strategies and behaviours to perform as confident, independent and successful learners.

We offer learning development opportunities to students through: Supplemental Instruction (SI), Academic Success team and Writing Centres.

For more information and contact details, visit the Academic Development for Students site.


CTLM provides advice and guidance to the university community on how technology might be effectively used to enable and support learning and teaching. We support staff to design their curricula to take advantage of different technologies to support learning and teaching. We facilitate “how to” workshops for implementing technology in learning and teaching. We also assist staff to formally evaluate the effectiveness of integrating the different technologies in teaching and learning. This is done in partnership with the ICT Department at Nelson Mandela University.

For more information and contact details, visit the Blended Learning site.


It is our vision to be recognised in the design of outstanding integrated media technology solutions for the Nelson Mandela University. In addition we believe our mission as media specialists and professionals is to provide support to teaching, learning and research initiatives at out institution by designing quality based media technology solutions by integrating elements of animation, images, sound, text, video and other new  trend media technologies.

For more information and contact details, visit the Integrated Media Services site.

CTLM works in partnership with faculties, departments and the Faculty Teaching & Learning Committees to plan, develop, implement and evaluate effective teaching and learning projects across the institution.

CTLM staff represented at Faculty level

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Ms Karin Grobler
North Campus
Tel: +27 41 504 3207
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